Bex Bastable

Journalist and content editor at the Brighton & Hove Independent newspaper and contributor for etc magazine. NQJ-qualified.


Couple evacuated in bomb hoax at The Grand - during their wedding

The seafront hotel was evacuated at 4.30pm yesterday (September 10), after an anonymous call about an explosive device in the building - which later turned out to be a hoax. But the evacuation took place halfway through the couple's wedding. The pair were taking part in a Jewish ceremony, and the bride had just finished walking around the 'chuppah ' a wedding canopy - when the alarm was sounded.

Brighton wizarding shop to put Potter fans under its spell

Selling official Harry Potter merchandise, budding witches and wizards will be able to buy their wand, their house uniform and magical confectionery at the Trafalgar Street shop set to open in November. Mr Dall, 26, explained how he came up with the idea for ‘Oliver’s’ - not dissimilar from fictional wand shop Ollivander’s. He said: “I have always loved Harry Potter from reading the books. Collecting the memorabilia started from the chocolate frogs. If you love something you collect it.”

Make your change count by giving to homeless charities

The charities’ research shows that best way to help someone sleeping rough is through professional help. The latest stage of the Make Change Count campaign, launched this week, builds on an initial collaboration last year. Charities are continuing to work together to raise awareness about what support is available in the city for people sleeping rough and offering advice on how best to help. This summer, five local charities are addressing this national issue at a local level. Brighton Housing

Brighton boys who died in Syria were not deemed at risk of radicalisation

But the report did conclude that the right structures are now in place to stop children from going abroad to fight - and two young people from Brighton and Hove had since been prevented from doing so. The Brighton and Hove Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) today (July 27) released its serious case review, into the death of two Muslim brothers who died fighting for a group affiliated with Al Qaeda in Syria in 2014.

Thousands struggle with homelessness in Brighton and Hove

There are more than 4,000 homeless people in Brighton and Hove, according to shock figures by housing charity Shelter. The city has the largest levels of homelessness in the UK - with the exception of London - and one in 69 people in the city are ‘without a home’. The research by Shelter was released yesterday (December 1), and revealed the extent of the housing crisis in the South East, where it said 22,100 people are homeless. The figure for Brighton and Hove was 4,095.

House prices rising faster in Brighton and Hove than London

The ‘London factor’ could be the reason that the price of a home in Brighton and Hove has shot up by 490 per cent in the last 20 years, according to the Office for National Statistics. This is the most substantial rise of any city and town in England and Wales, including London. In 1995 you could buy a house in Brighton and Hove for £50,000. But 20 years later, in 2015, an average home in the city would set you back £295,000.

Will Brighton and Hove catchment area shake-up cause a 'middle class explosion'?

Three options for the city’s secondary school catchment areas have been unveiled, but it could cause a ‘middle-class explosion’ according to a parent governor who sits on the council’s children’s committee. The council is redrawing its catchment areas for September 2018, in response to rising numbers of students, and a new secondary school set to open in the east of the city. The proposals were discussed at Monday’s children, young people and skills committee, and committee member Amanda Morte

The moment the sun went out over Shoreham

The sun was shining brightly as people made their way to the annual Shoreham Airshow, but it would turn out to be the darkest of days in Sussex. It was supposed to be a joyous occasion. But Shoreham Airshow, the town’s most popular event, had barely begun when disaster struck. Thousands of people had arrived to watch the air displays for a fun family day out. No-one was expecting the horror which unfolded that afternoon.


Mind what you eat: Brighton psychotherapist on beating overeating

If you’ve tried every fad diet going but can’t seem to shed the pounds for good, a Sussex psychotherapist may have the answer with her holistic approach to curing emotional overeating. Georgina Tasker lives in Brighton with her husband and two children, and has worked as a psychotherapist specialising in overeating for seven years. She believes in mindful eating, by being more aware of what you put into your body, and savouring food, instead of treating it like a vice.